Candice Tekus

Chicago, IL

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Oct 8th-13th

Ive been tattooing for about 16 years. In that time tattooing has treated me so well. I’ve been able to travel as well as build a community. My favorite things to tattoo are beautiful people, flowers and animals with art nouveau influences. I also enjoy animal portraits, neotraditional, anime, video game subjects and kawaii. I deeply enjoy creating a piece of art with my clients, not just for them. I always aspire to come from a humble place in order to help people empower their bodies as their own.



Candice is currently accepting inquiries for their guest-spot at Alchemy Oct 8th-13th. Cadince's hourly rate is $200.


Candice specializes in 

  • portraiture

  • flowers

  • animal portraits  

  • neotraditional

  • anime

  • video game subjects and kawaii

To schedule an appointment, please email and include "Alchemy Tattoo & Gallery" in the subject line.

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Sizing in inches

  • (if you are comfortable) a photo of the body part (at rest) that the tattoo would be applied to

  • inspiration/references

  • text description of what you're looking for

Wanna Do Designs

Original designs by Candice. Please include design number or design idea in tattoo description of you'd like to claim!