Meet the Artists of Alchemy: Abbigail Witt

Hello everyone!

My name is Abbi and Im currently the apprentice at Alchemy Tattoo & Gallery.

I have such a big passion for tattooing and have wanted to do it since I was very young. Its really cool to create art that will be on someone forever. I want to help people feel better in their own skin or cover up a tattoo that brings sadness with a tattoo that sparks joy and excitement. I want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible when they get a tattoo. Ive always disliked the grungy atmosphere of a traditional tattoo shop.

My style is very bright and cutesy. I love doing anime, Disney, kawaii, and nostalgia tattoos. I want to create colorful tattoos for everyone. Part of my apprenticeship has been learning about what colors and tones will heal well on certain skin types. I want to make sure I am giving colorful tattoos that will last a long time!

Some other things I am into are video games, traveling, and collecting vintage toys. Feel free to talk to me about your Animal Crossing Island or all the cool places you’ve been! I love hearing other people’s experiences!

Thank you so much for reading my bio and I hope to chat with you soon! :)

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