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Bethlehem, PA

February 10th- 12th

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Selena Gunns is a two year artist from Bethlehem, PA just outside of Philadelphia.


Selena being a young ambitious artist is always looking to take a new challenge. If not trying to step out of her comfort zone she mainly tattoos anime, neotraditional , floral work , or anything with a lot of pink and sparkles ! Selena love both color and black and grey the equally and would love do try more color on colored skin to show anyone and everyone are welcomed to the tattoo community with color or black and grey. 



Selena will be attending Alchemy Tattoo Gallery from February 10th - 12th, Selena’s minimum is $100 and takes inquiries from her instagram @selena.tattoooss or through her email

Selena specializes in 


  • Anime

  • Kawaii

  • Illustrative

  • Floral and Nature inspired

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