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 Tattoo Artist

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HyeSook specializes in color and black and gray tattoos. She creates beautiful tattoos focusing on anime, disney, manga panels, single line illustration, watercolor, traditional japanese, and many more styles!

Pronouns: She/Her

Available Designs


Thank you for your interest in HyeSook's work! Her books are now closed. They will reopen on August 1st. Please follow her Instgram account for additional booking information.


HySook can be contacted at


Hyesook's hourly rate is $150, minimum is $150/ 1 hour, Deposit- $50

HyeSook's Original designs (featured above) are one of a kind illustrations that HyeSook would love to create. If a design you're interested in has been claimed, Hyesook can design a new original tattoo inspired by that design. 

During a booking period clients can submit their inquiry via email. Please include the following in your email:

  • Reference photos

  • Approximate Size in inches

  • Phone Number

  • Where you would like the tattoo place


Priority will be give to clients who's tattoo ideas best suit the artists design style. If your proposal is accepted an email will be sent directly to you. It can take up to a  week for all emails to be sent, please be patient!


Subject that take priority, tattoos must be larger than 4x4 inches:

  • Anime

  • Manga

  • Cartoons

HyeSook will be doing virtual consults all day on Saturday June 3rd via phone calls. Please make sure you have your phone turned on so you will be able to answer and you can discuss your idea with HyeSook. You will be setting up an appointment at this time so have you calendar/ availability ready.


  • Consultations for appointments are free. There is a $50 deposit to book an appointment, and that monet is taken off the final cost of the tattoo.

  • Your deposit is non-refundable. It only applies to the design discussed during the consultation. If you need to reschedule please give her at least 48 hours notice. If it is under that window, your deposit will be forfeited, and you will need to leave a new deposit to rebook. 

  • You are allowed one reschedule per deposit.


  • If you no call no show, you will also be forfeiting your deposit and will not be allowed to rebook. 


Booking Info
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