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Amy Porter

Founder/ Tattoo Artist

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Amy specialized in colorful and striking tattoos. Amy loves anime and kawaii tattoos. She also enjoys pet portraits, animals, florals,

Amy focuses on cover-ups and reworking old tattoos. 

Her goal is to connect her clients with beautiful, meaningful art. 

Pronouns: She/Her


Amy's books open every 2 months to 3 months. Once those months are booked my schedule will close again. 


Current clients with continuing projects such sleeves and multi-session tattoos are welcome to schedule their next appointment at any time. Please send an email to


During a booking period clients will be able to complete an inquiry form. The link to this form will be located in the booking section of this website. While books are closed, this link will be unavailable, instead a link to the waitlist will be present. 


Priority will be give to clients who's tattoo ideas best suit the artists design style. If your proposal is accepted an email will be sent directly to you. It can take several weeks for all emails to be sent, please be patient!


There is a $400 minimum for tattoos. Her hourly rate is $200



Subject that take priority:

  • Anime Characters

  • video game and cute fandom designs

  • Kawaii and Cute designs

Amy's books are now closed. They will reopen on November 1st. If you would like to get emailed when her books reopen, please join her email list below. 

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