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Amy Porter

If you would like to book an appointment with Amy at Alchemy Tattoo & Gallery please fill out this form. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for response. Amy is scheduling appointments from April through June.


Amy specializes in kawaii, spooky cute, anime tattoos, cat portraits, and illustrative tattoos. Color tattoos will take priority. Please view her portfolio for preferred tattoo styles.


Please keep in mind she only accepts inquiries that best suit her art style. Thank you!!

New appointment/ continuing tattoo

Preferred Pronouns:
Working within budget? My rate is $200 and 2 hour minimum.
Are you continuing a tattoo?
Would you perfer an email or in person consultation?
Days available for a consultation
Please upload any reference or inspiration images you have.
Upload File
Upload File
If you are comfortable, please take a well-lit, straight-on photo of where you would like the tattoo placed. I try to consider complexion and skin qualities and plan around any tattoos boundaries your skin might have.
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Are you traveling?
How did you find my art?

Thanks for submitting!

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