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Booking Illustrative Realism Portraits: Paige Hudon

Paige Hudon is seeking to take on additional Illustrative Realism Portrait projects. Typically these are figures and characters from history and film.

The Details!

Above are Paige's recent Illustrative Portrait Tattoos

Portraits are available with and without Paige's signature cheeks. Paige tattoos at an hourly rate of $175. Duration of tattoo depends on its complexity and size. It can vary from 3 hours to 10+ hours. An approximate estimate can be provided during the consultation process. She would love to tattoo more Art History and Femme Icons, Drag Queens.

, Pop Art Favorites, Tv Icons. Wanna do portraits include:

  • Sifi

Currently Booking!

Complete the tattoo inquiry form to schedule an appointment or consultation with Paige! Scroll to the bottom of the page linked below!

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