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Guest Artist: Rachel Alford March 9th-11th

Western Kentucky tattoo artist Rachel Alford will be visiting with Alchemy Tattoo & Gallery! Some info about Rachel: "Hey all! My name is Rachel!

I used to work in the theater and film industry prior to my start as a tattooist, where I worked as a costume and props artisan for off-Broadway and Disney productions. Though I knew my real passion was tattooing, which I finally began doing in 2019.

I currently tattoo out of Western Kentucky and love to tattoo and illustrate all things critter, cute, colorful, or creepy! One of my favorite things to do are vibrant animal designs and pet portraits.

When not tattooing I spend most of my time drinking coffee, reading Jeff Vandermeer novels, collecting plants, and chasing after my two cats and crazy cattle dog! "

How to Schedule an Appointment

Rachel is currently accepting inquiries for their guest-spot at Alchemy March 9th- 11th. Their hourly rate is $125. Flash piece are available at a flat rate. Flash is available on their website linked below.​

Rachel specializes in

​ ​

  • Anime

  • Kawaii

  • Illustrative

  • Pet Portraits

  • Nature

Please visit Rachels website for booking additional booking information:


Additional Info

More information about Rachel can be found on her website and instagram.

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