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HyeSook: Early Booking for Flash

February 25th, HyeSook is now accepting appointments for her original flash designs! All other tattoo inquired must wait until her books officially open on February 1st!

Hyesook's hourly rate is $150, minimum is $150/ 1 hour

HyeSook's Original designs (featured above) are one of a kind illustrations that HyeSook would love to create. If a design you're interested in has been claimed, Hyesook can design a new original tattoo inspired by that design. Any new design requests must wait till February 1st to send their inquiry.

Check out HyeSook's design page for her newest designs and which designs are still available.

How To Book an Appointment:

To claim a design it is recommended to visit HyeSook's design page for it's availability.

Email HyeSook at

Please include the following information:

  • Phone Number

  • Size Estimated in Inches

  • Where you are planning on placing the tattoo

  • Which design you would like

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is require and will be applied towards the cost of the tattoo. The tattoo must be a minimum size of 4x4 inches.

Tattooed designs:

Above are several of HyeSook's original designs!

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