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Meet the Artists of Alchemy: Amy Porter

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Amy Porter is a fine artist and tattoo artist, cat mom, fan of anime, and horror. She's been creating tattoos since Fall of 2015 and creating art since she was a child. She is the founder of Alchemy Tattoo & Gallery, opening it's private studio location in Arlington Heights in 2020. She seeks to create a unique and personalized experience for her clients. Taking a collaborative approach to designing and tattooing ensures each client has a connection with their art.

Amy intends on creating a comfortable space for her tattoo patrons and artists alike. Amy founded Alchemy Tattoo & Gallery as a women owned and operated establishment. Catering to her unique demographic of clients and challenging the norm of what a tattoo studio is. She wants to blur the line between fine art and tattooing.

Fine Art

Amy focuses on whimsical and nature elements within her art. She wants to capture a magical world through the mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, and oils. Many of these pieces are currently on display at Alchemy.

Amy also exhibits her art at various other galleries. Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin has provided space where she has exhibited much of her work. Amy has been a part of the Elgin art scene since 2012. She enjoys collaborating with art shows hosted by OddBall Art Labs.


Amy incorporates whimsy into all her art, including her tattoo work. She gravitates towards illustrative tattoos including elements of nature, magic, anime, and animals. A personal favorite of Amy's is pet portraits. She loves connecting her patrons with tattoos they truly display their love of self expression. Whether the tattoo is collected for a deep rooted meaning or for the joy of collecting art, she's passionate about creating large, custom tattoos.

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