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Our First Guest Artist! Meet Dess!

About Dess:

Alchemy happily welcomes it's first guest artist, Dess! They hail from Winona, MN and is a resident artist at Iron & Oak Tattoo.

With two years experience but many years of fine art experience, Dess brings fresh artistic interpretations to tattooing. A few of their favorite tattoo styles can be uniquely coined as watercolor or blackwork field guide illustration floral, beautiful macabre, and surreal kawaii. They love exploring new ideas and creating designs that are as personal and unique of an expression as the person getting the tattoo.

In their free time they are a self-identified geek that indulges regularly in anime, video games, and table top rpgs. So they'll fit right in at Alchemy!

Their Art:

Guest Spot Info

Dess will be at Alchemy September 29th through October 1st. They work at an hourly rate of $150 and have a $300 minimum.

They will be booking their own appointments. To book an appointment please email Dess at:

Also include the following in your email:

  • location (and picture of where)

  • size in inches or CM

  • black work, color, or black and grey

  • budget

  • inspiration/references

  • text description of what they're looking for

  • is this your first tattoo?

Keep an eye out for more guest artists soon!

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