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Prepare for your tattoo!

So you've did your research found the perfect concept, found the right artist, made your appointment and... what's next? A new tattoo is exciting and sometimes overwhelming! This is especially true if it's your first! Even the experienced tattoo collector goes through a metal checklist of how to prepare. Let's explore some ideas of how to make your tattoo experience as easy as possible!

Skin Care

A little extra care goes a long way! Feel free to exfoliate a week before your session.

Applying lotion daily for two weeks before your appointment, such as Lubriderm Daily Moisture, can be extremely beneficial.

No lotion or oils on the skin the day of your appointment.

Avoid the SUN!

Preventing skin damage before your tattoo appointment is vital. Artists will NOT tattoo sun damaged/ sun burnt skin! Not only is it extremely painful, it can affect the healing of the tattoo. It is recommend to avoid tanning beds as well.

A full Nights rest

Sleeping well before your tattoo will ensure your body has the stamina to withstand the discomfort. Lack of sleep can increase sensitivity to the tattoo.

No Alcohol or Blood Thinners

To ensure a optimal tattoo session please avoid the following 24 hours before your tattoo:

  • Aspirin

  • Ibuprofen

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine (excessive)

Eat a full meal and drink water

Eating a meal is the most important way to prepare for your tattoo! Ensure your meal consists of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. A personal favorite is pasta with a protein added. A slow burning carb will give your body sustained energy. Tattoos are extremely taxing.

Feel welcome to bring snacks!

Please bring water and hydrate several days before your appointment. Dehydrated skin is very apparent while tattooing.

Review Aftercare

We have an aftercare sheet and blog available for viewing! Please familiarize yourself and be ready to ask your artist any questions you might have.

Aftercare with Saniderm/ Second Skin

Our printable aftercare PDF:



Wear comfortable clothing, and nothing you wouldn't want ruined. Ink spatters may occur and cause staining on clothing.

Wear appropriate clothing that allows the artist access the tattoo location.


  • Back tattoo- wear a button up shirt or hoodie so it can be reversed

  • Torso tattoo- once again a button up shirt would be helpful

  • Upper hip- tie bikini bottom so the strings can be adjusted while the artist is working.


Artists will prepare the tattoo site and that includes shaving.

If you are not comfortable with your artist shaving you please feel free to shave before hand (within 8 hours).

You're welcome to trim hair if there is an excessive amount, the artist will shave the area for the tattoo

What to bring

  • snacks

  • ID

  • headphone (optional)

  • a friend (one only)

  • water

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